Raspberry Pi as an Amiga Floppy Drive

As you probably know, the combination of retro computing and tinkering with embedded platforms tickles the mind of us here at DigitalFanatics. Someone who really hit that spot is Maurizio Ramondo and his Amiga Drive project.

Basically, it is about using a RaspberryPi as an Amiga floppy drive emulator. All the schematics and software are available for free. The schematics are for Eagle.

Amiga RPI Drive Design

The system consists of two parts – an interface board, letting the Raspberry Pi speak to the Amiga via the Floppy connector, and the Raspberry Pi software, emulating two Amiga floppy drives. The result is a system that can hold two disks at a time, but it also sports a change button, allowing you to switch to two new disks. This lets you play large games such as Monkey Island (four floppies, 720kB each, so almost 3MB).

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