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Fritzing Contest

Over at Fritzing you can win EUR 500 from your design. Create a give away PCB for our  Fritzing-Kits and win 500 Euros cash ! It should be: interesting useful uncomplicated hyper-lightspeed Turn-Blink-Sound-Noise-Thing’a’Bob which we can ship with our kits. … Continue reading

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Facial Recognition using RPi

The Raspberry Pi blog just mentioned Pierre Raufast‘s experiments with OpenCV and the RPi camera module. He achieves facial recognition with multiple targets at ~8fps, which is kind of impressive given the limited processing power of the Raspberry Pi. All the … Continue reading

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The Voyager Computer

I like both spacecrafts and old computers. Here is a quote about the Voyager computers from the 1970’s. It is worth to think about what you can do with very little. I suppose the peripherals where more analog and less … Continue reading

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A desktop CNC

As 3D printing becomes popularized, the opposite, milling (i.e. removing instead of adding material) is trying to reach the same tipping point. Over at kickstarter, the Othermill has achieved funding. Milling opens the possibilities of working with a wider set … Continue reading

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