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Schematics On-line

Over at you can find designs and share your designs in an online community. This can be a handy resource for finding reference designs. An interesting detail is the contribution from semi-conductor manufacturers. For instance, NXP are contributing designs … Continue reading

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Retro Flapping

I guess very few have missed the Internet phenomena Flappy Bird. It is a rare occasion when a game is retracted for being addictive. There are a number of clones out there. According to arstechnica you can run it on … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi in a PSU

This appeals to me in so many ways – modding, retro, RPi, Commodore… By _retrotext_. via adafruit.

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Open Source Knitting

Being married to a dress maker, this project really resonates with me. The people over at OpenKnit have created an open source knitting machine. This takes home production to a new level. I get the impression that open source support … Continue reading

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We’re back!

So, it has been a while since the last update on this site. There have been loads of reasons for this – lots to do at work, having a second kid, trying to write a book, etc. All positive problems … Continue reading

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