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Electronics from Ebay

For the hobbyist, one great source of low cost electronic gizmos is ebay. There is a whole range of sellers, often based in Hong Kong, offering small mounted PCB for less than cost of the components bought in small volumes. … Continue reading

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FPGA Board for the Masses

Wavenumber has announced the FPGA MARK-1 – the worlds first maker-adapted FPGA board. The board sports a Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA and a small MCU for control. The MCU contains a bootloader in ROM, meaning that you cannot brick the device … Continue reading

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A Box of Pis

My order for Raspberry Pis just arrived from Farnell. It took less than a week to get them – very nice. For everybody else ordering multiple Pis from Farnell, here are some tips: Do not use the rpiquotes@, instead, register … Continue reading

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To the Point C++ FAQ

Over at parashift, Marshall Cline maintains an impressive, and to-the-point C++ FAQ. It contains everything from newbie questions to detailed discussions about C++ and OO in general.

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Arduino Compatible Arm Cortex M4

Paul Stoffregen and PJRC has run a kickstarter campaign to fund the development of an Arduino-compatible device based on an Arm Cortex M4: The Teensy 3.0. The idea is to take the easy of programming an Arduino and the power … Continue reading

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