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3D LED Matrix

Fredrik Petrini has posted a detailed build instruction for a 3D LED matrix. That is, a truly three dimensional display with 125 pixels.

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Portable Electronics Lab

Built from an old laptop, sk7ca‘s portable electronics lab is quite impressive. It contains a generous breadboard area, an LCD display, a keypad, various inputs, outputs, sensors , gizmos and the now ubiquitous Arduino. What the video for a guided tour.

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When developing Arduino software, it is not always ideal having to rely on the cycle of life – code, compile, upload, test, alter, compile, upload, test, alter, comp… The Searduino project (Savannah page) provides an, albeit limited, simulation of an Arduino system. The … Continue reading

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3D Printable Quadcopter

Thingiverse is a great site that we have mentioned before. Yesterday, the user swepet uploaded PL2Q Hugin. this is the second iteration of his 3D printable quadcopter design. Print, solder and fly. Finally a project where the sky really is … Continue reading

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Prototype Sheild for the Arduino

I just bought and soldered up a prototype shield for the Arduino. To be more precise, the Proto Shield from lawicel. Mounting the pin headers  is a quick job. Then, two pins need to be cut, since they interfere with one of … Continue reading

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Drawing Waveforms

The Wavedrom tool is an HTML5 based tool for creating timing diagrams. It takes a basic JSON definition as input and produces an SVG waveform as result. To learn more, visit the tutorial, or go directly to the on-line editor. … Continue reading

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