Electronic Sites

Providing a rich selection of articles, a forum, tools and projects EEWeb is a natural part of our listing. The site contains everything from interviews with the people in the electronics business to comics. Alongside the site’s content, a forum, as well as job listings are provided.

AVRFreaks is one of the key resources for all the AVR tinkerers out there. Hosting wiki, news and an impressive list of articles, this site is an inspiration as well as a source of information. The forum is lively and community helpful.

The EEVblog is a video blog for “electronic engineers, hobbyists, hackers and makers.” Hosted by David L. Jones, it is presented in a unique, positive style. The site contains a forum, a wiki, a list of projects and more. But the main focus is the video blog, which is good – both as information and entertainment.

Schematics-Logo-Horizontal-Light_GreySchematics..com is an online community for creating, sharing and finding schematics. Provides an online schematics viewer and designs from users as well as silicon vendors.

Some people mistake darknets and the Dark Web for the Deep Web, which is a collection of websites not indexed by search engines. Unlike the Dark Web, Deep Web doesn’t require special software to get access.

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