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Landing on the Moon

Anyone longing for the classic Lunar Lander title from the late ’70s. Anyone looking to create something more realistic. Over at ibiblio, a collection of documents regarding the Apollo missions can be found. This is not popular science or simplified … Continue reading

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RaspberryPi Schematics

As the model B of RaspberryPi has been released and deliveries are starting, the schematics have been made available. Great stuff!

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Old Magnets

My recollection from using floppy disks is that they where notoriously prone to failure. Now imagine trying to read you old collection of disks not used since the late 1990’s. Before you run off collecting your disk and run fsck … Continue reading

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Printing at Home

If you would have asked me two years ago if I’d have a cheap, reliable 3D printer at home, I would have laughed. And yet, here I am, waiting for a print to finish. The printer in itself, a Huxley … Continue reading

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Simple Painterbot

After some inspiration from Lorenzo Bravi via makezine, built a small painterbot from a toilet paper roll, a small motor, a nut, a battery and some velcro.

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The CPU Database

For all of you microprocessor historians out there, Stanford has composed a microprocessor database. It has information about performance, processes, relationships, micro architectures, etc. All readily available for searching, browsing or visualization. via osnews.

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The EagleUp tool helps you generate nice 3D drawings from your Eagle PCB designs. The work is the result of the efforts from Jerome Lamy, an electronics design engineer. To get started, visit the nice video tutorial on the project site. … Continue reading

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