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Raspberry Pi Models

Even more Raspberry Pi stuff today. The Raspberry Pi blog just run a great post on the different models and board revisions out there – you can find it here.

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Have a Raspberry Pi? Want to build a robot? Need to drive some engines? or thousands of LEDs? Then you will love the gertbot! The gertbot is a HAT-board for the Raspberry Pi that adds four H-bridges, two open-drain N-MOSFETs … Continue reading

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Beautiful Calculators

As some of you already know, calculators was the driver behind the first computers and the first CPUs integrated on a single piece of silicon. Before that age, we had electromechanical calculators. They are as beatiful to look at as … Continue reading

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Improved ATX PSU

Francesco Truzzi just announced a really great ATX PSU break-out board. It can act as a USB charger, has a variable voltage output and a set of fixed voltage levels (3.3, 5 and 12v). The design is based around an open … Continue reading

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New A+ Pi

The Raspberry Pi foundation just announced the new A+ model. It is cheaper, smaller and uses less power, than any other Pi out there. With a smaller form factor, fewer ports and an improved audio output. The A+ model looks like … Continue reading

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