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Final Out-Sourcing Posts

Andrew “bunnie” Huang has posted his final posts in his The Factory Floor series on out-sourcing production to China. Read the first two parts here and here. The final two parts, Industrial Design for Startups and Picking (and Maintaining) a Partner, bring … Continue reading

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Hardware SPI on the Pi

As fun as bitbanging might be, hardware implementation of wire-level protocols can be really handy. Hackaday writes about Louis Thiery‘s and Brian Hensley‘s work towards enabling SPI on the Raspberry Pi. They both show how to get SPI working on the … Continue reading

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Turn Scrap into Filament

One of the problems when 3D printing is the cost of filament. Especially since you tend to improve designs incrementally and end up with lots of intermediate step test prints that you need to scrap. The Filabot team wants to … Continue reading

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Earlier we wrote of an OS for FPGAs. Today, we turn our attention for a real-time operating system for TI microcontrollers: TI-RTOS. The good part: it is a complete RTOS with support for USB, TCP/IP and FAT filesystems. The less … Continue reading

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FreeBSD for the Pi

The Raspberry Pi gains yet another OS. This time, it is FreeBSD that has been ported over to the cheap and versatile little board. Expect it to be unstable, but that is part of the fun! Read more and download … Continue reading

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Duinofied PIC

The PICnDuino is an open source hardware platform with dual micro controllers. It is compatible with both Arduino and Amicus18 – a PIC based board inspired by the Arduino. This means that you can play with both the Arduino through the usual C-inspired … Continue reading

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SparkFun on Test Rigs

As a short follow-up on the Design for Manufacturing article by Bunnie, here is SparkFun’s take on the topic.

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Calculate Hashes in Hardware

We recently wrote about BORPH, a Linux version that could launch hardware processes on configurable hardware systems, i.e. FPGAs. The question that always pops up is what kind of process you would like to run in hardware. By pure coincidence, … Continue reading

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Flexible OS for Flexible Hardware

BORPH is an operating system designed for FPGA-based hardwares. It is basically a Linux kernel that is able to spawn what is known as hardware processes, thus executing in hardware. The develoment is done at Berkley, and the name of … Continue reading

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Outsourcing – Design for Manufacturing

Bunnie has released part 2 of his series on outsourcing production. This time the topic is Design for Manufacturing.

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