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Dead bugs

I did not know it, but soldering a circuit without a PCB is apparently called creating a “dead bug”. The ICs being soldered are placed on their backs, legs pointing upwards, like a dead bug. Over at the dangerous prototypes … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi R2 Details

The people over at the Raspberry Pi foundations do not rest. Having doubled the provided memory without affecting the price, they go on to deliver the schematics for the second revision of the boards. A great platform keeps improving, pushing … Continue reading

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License to Entertain

A while back, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced that they are selling additional codecs in their webstore. The Pi comes with H264 support out of the box, but MPEG2 and VC-1 (some Microsoft thingie) are nice to have as well. … Continue reading

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Fatter Pies

The Raspberry Pi model B now ships with 512MB of RAM. Opens the system to even more possibilities.

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The Next Level of Home 3D Printing

The hobbyist 3D printer prints using a thin stream of molten plasting. By adding layer upon layer, a 3D object is created. The big boys don’t do this because of problems with resolution, overhangs, etc. Now, the people at formlabs … Continue reading

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Step-by-step: PCB-less Arduino

Over at the Arduino site, there is a page on building an Arduino clone on a breadboard. This trick can be further simplified by using the internal oscillator. You lose some speed, but also some complexity.

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Portable 3D Printing

The Ben Heck Show had an episode on creating a portable 3D printer. The idea is to fit an entire 3D printer into a suitcase for bringing to fairs and such. The video is a nice guide to the bits … Continue reading

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Self-printed Retro Joystick

Over at Thingiverse, the Dutchman known as srepmub has published a great looking 3D printable retro joystick. The instructions contains printable parts, PCB and build instructions. As a later entry, he shows the results of two days (!) of polishing. … Continue reading

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