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A few bits of RAM

The growth of RAM is one of the things that boggles my mind. The available RAM of an average computer has increased many magnitudes during my days as a computer nerd and now I have far more RAM than I … Continue reading

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The first Unix

We can learn a lot from the past – you may even experience aha moments. Reading the source code of the first edition of Unix is such an experience. The simplicity of it all, combined with the knowledge that this … Continue reading

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The Raspberry Pi Screen Announced

The Raspberry Pi foundation has just released a long blog post announcing a Raspberry Pi touchscreen, available from $60 + local taxes. The screen is connected using DSI/DSP, meaning that the final connector on the Pi finally has a use. … Continue reading

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800×600 Video Output for Small Systems

The Mesa-Video is a low cost, low power, small open source hardware/software solution for providing graphics from embedded projects. It is, basically, a graphics card with an UART interface. The graphics card side of the solution can display text and … Continue reading

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