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Sketches Over the Net

The people over at WickedDevice has been working on a new bootloader for the Nanode. The code can download and FLASH the device with new software over TFTP. This opens the possibilities for remote updates – meaning that you can … Continue reading

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The Ultimaker is a 3D printer kit sold from the Netherlands. It main points are printing speed and the size of the build envelope. The build envelope measures 210x210x220mm, which is impressive given that the entire machine only is about … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi computer projects (started by David Braben of Elite fame) wants to bring back the joys of computers in the past, but to today’s audience. By providing an ultra-cheap computer to educational¬†institutions, and all others interested, the idea … Continue reading

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Power to the Breadboards

Blondihacks has designed a small power supply for breadboards – Juice Bridge. It provides regulated 5V, easy access to ground and the ability to measure the power used by the entire breadboard. All this on a single-sided PCB with a … Continue reading

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The MakerBot, from MakerBot Industries, is one of the oldest kit-sold reprap-related 3D printers. The original CupCake sold over 2500 units, and soon the first thousand Thing-o-Matics will have left the factory.

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PIC32 in Arduino Format

Digilent and Microchip have recently released two new boards targeting the Arduino community, the chipkit 32 UNO and MAX. The neat thing about these board is that they both are based on the microchip PIC32 delivering up to 4 times … Continue reading

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Lindbeck Joins Digital Fanatics

I’d just like to make the happy announcement that Kalle Lindbeck has joined Digital Fanatics as a writer. He is has been working with electronics since early stone age, is an active model aircraft pilot, electronics constructor and generalist tinkerer. … Continue reading

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MakerBot Automated Build Platform Hack

Ever since I got a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, the build platform has been an issue. The belt was uneven. This weekend, I took it apart and reassembled it with a new belt – and resolved the issue at the cost of … Continue reading

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3D Printing Work Flow

The open source family of extruder based 3D printers more or less rely on the same set of tools. Some of the commercial variants may have more polished frontends, but the work flow is still the same. In this article, … Continue reading

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Reproducing Robots

For hobbyists, the manufacturing tools at hand are often limited to the odd dremel, screwdrivers and hammers. Materials are usually sheets of wood, polycarbonate or metal. The RepRap project is all about changing this. Now you can print your own … Continue reading

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