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Summarizing FreeRTOS

Over the last weeks, we have been looking at the FreeRTOS project. We will surely revisit it in later articles, but until then, lets summarize. Introduction – what is a real-time operating system, and what is FreeRTOS all about. Tasks – how … Continue reading

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Netduino Introduction

The Netduino is a .net powered hardware platform. Basing it on .net makes the transition easier for those of you who are used to working in the .net domain. It relies on free (as in free beer) tools, but is … Continue reading

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Assembling a Nanode

The networking Arduino-inspired Nanode is delivered as a kit. Nicholas O’Leary has document the build process of his kit (#0349). Looks like a fun soldering project – and a good platform to hack on.

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FreeRTOS – networking

Today, more and more systems go on-line. Just look at the tiny nanode covered earlier. Connectivity makes it easier to monitor remote sensors, implement home automation – as well as providing configuration and data read outs through a web interface. … Continue reading

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Swarming Robots

The Swarmanoid is a robot swarm, think of them as a group of ants. Instead of workers, queen and such, the robots are flyers, movers and grippers. In cooperation, they can bring you stuff! The video below won the Best Video … Continue reading

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Nanode – A Networking Arduino

The nanode, network appliance node, is an Arduino-line, network enabled development board. Just as Arduino, it is open source hardware. It has been developed at the London hackspace. The idea is to provide the maker / hacker society with a … Continue reading

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FreeRTOS – targets

One of the strenghts of FreeRTOS is the portability. In this installment, we will look at the available targets, and how to get up and running easily. Perhaps you already have a FreeRTOS compatible board in your lab.

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DIY Lab Power Supply

The digital hobbyist usually relies on a few supply voltages. If 3.3, 5 and 12 Volts sounds good enough for you (perhaps the 1.7, 7 and 8.7 are needed too), the you can convert an old PC power supply to … Continue reading

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Enabling Comments

During the under construction time, this site had comments disabled. These should now have been reenabled. We are sorry that this feature has been disabled the last two weeks. We value your input!

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FreeRTOS – tasks

Coming from a bare metal embedded system, the tasks of FreeRTOS may seem intimidating. In this article, we will look at how to setup a pair of threads and have them cooperate.

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