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NodeIT – stackable IoT

The NodeIT by Sweet Pea’s is an extendable, minimal IoT thing being launched on kickstarter right now. The project has already been funded, but is still open to additional backers. Based on the ESP8266, the core module, called ESP210, provides an … Continue reading

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Tiny, open source, M0 board

The ARM PRO MINI is a tiny, open source, board based on a Cortex M0 MCU. The whole project, including schematics and BOM, is available on github. The MCU is an NXP ARM M0 LPC11U35FHI33/501. This means that the Eclipse-based LPCXpresso IDE can … Continue reading

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Intel Edison

The Intel Edison module makes it easier to build an x86 embedded computer system. The module itself comes with a 500 MHz dual-thread Atom CPU core and a 100 MHz Intel Quark micro controller. The module also includes 4GB eMMC … Continue reading

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The lowRISC project, based on Cambridge, is aiming to create an entirely open source hardware stack. This includes the SoC as well as the development board. The design is based around RISC-V, a 64-bit RISC instruction set architecture. It supports … Continue reading

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Portable Gaming

The Arduboy platform is heading for kickstarter. It is a creditcard shaped gaming platform featuring capacitive buttons, a small OLED screen, speakers, battery and a barebone Arduino (atmega). I think that this looks great for gaming, but can think of … Continue reading

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Rhombus-Tech is a CIC company working on various hardwares for running open source software. They are involved in a number of interesting projects, one of them being the KDE tablet. Their site makes an interesting read and they carry lots … Continue reading

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LEGO runs Linux

Oldest CES news of the year, but I’m just very happy to hear that the next generation of Lego MindStorm will run Linux!

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Earlier we wrote of an OS for FPGAs. Today, we turn our attention for a real-time operating system for TI microcontrollers: TI-RTOS. The good part: it is a complete RTOS with support for USB, TCP/IP and FAT filesystems. The less … Continue reading

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Good old DOS

Remember the days spent moving drivers into himem. Not something you’d like to relive? If you want to, then FreeDOS is for you. It is DOS, developed as open source, but also adapted to the future. There is even the … Continue reading

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FPGA Board for the Masses

Wavenumber has announced the FPGA MARK-1 – the worlds first maker-adapted FPGA board. The board sports a Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA and a small MCU for control. The MCU contains a bootloader in ROM, meaning that you cannot brick the device … Continue reading

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