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Impressive 6502 Home Computer

Dirk Grappendorf has been working on a serious looking MOS 6502 based computer. Over at his site, you can follow his development diary. The computer was developed between September 2014 and January 2015. Quite impressive, given the outcome! The entire … Continue reading

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Improved ATX PSU

Francesco Truzzi just announced a really great ATX PSU break-out board. It can act as a USB charger, has a variable voltage output and a set of fixed voltage levels (3.3, 5 and 12v). The design is based around an open … Continue reading

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The real Pong

The classic game of pong has been reimplemented many times in different settings. For the purist, the right way of doing it is to base the replica on the original schematics. This imgur album shows how Pong is built in 74LS. … Continue reading

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Build a Custom FPGA

FPGAs are monsters of flexible logic. If you have a problem that can be pipelined or run in parallel  you can perform miracles. If performance isn’t your focus, you can emulate beautiful machines from the past. Over at Nick’s blog, there … Continue reading

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Self-printed Retro Joystick

Over at Thingiverse, the Dutchman known as srepmub has published a great looking 3D printable retro joystick. The instructions contains printable parts, PCB and build instructions. As a later entry, he shows the results of two days (!) of polishing. … Continue reading

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3D LED Matrix

Fredrik Petrini has posted a detailed build instruction for a 3D LED matrix. That is, a truly three dimensional display with 125 pixels.

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Portable Electronics Lab

Built from an old laptop, sk7ca‘s portable electronics lab is quite impressive. It contains a generous breadboard area, an LCD display, a keypad, various inputs, outputs, sensors , gizmos and the now ubiquitous Arduino. What the video for a guided tour.

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Uzebox – an 8-bit Gaming Console

The Uzebox is an old school gaming console hardware designed for today’s hobbyists. It is based around an ATmega MCU and an RGB-to-NTSC (or PAL) converter chip. The system has 4kB of RAM and 64kB of FLASH. The system can … Continue reading

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Retro AVR Computer

Mark Wilson has recreated the classic KENBAK computer using an AVR and some support electronics. This not only brings back a classic computer in a modern form, it provides a computer basic enough to be fully understood in a few hours. … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Monitoring Magic

The dish-o-tron 6000 is a thing of beauty by the hacker Blondihacks. It is an automatic dishwasher monitor built to detect if a dishwasher contains clean or dirty dishes. The beauty lays in the fact that it does that by … Continue reading

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