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Python without an OS

Josh Triplett just did a presentation at PyCon demonstrating Python running in GRUB and EFI. He has a full interactive Python 2.7 environment, including the ability to peek and poke at memory, including the framebuffer. What excites me about this, … Continue reading

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MEGA65 – a modern 8-bit system

Paul Gardner-Stephen and MEGA, museum of electronic games and art, just announced the MEGA65. It is a modern day 8-bit computer. It is compatible enough with the C64 to run old ROMs and programs, while it supports modern interfaces such as … Continue reading

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miniSpartan3 – an affordable FPGA board

The miniSpartan3, from Scarab Hardware, is an affordable FPGA board. As the name indicates, it comes with an FPGA from the Spartan series. At $25, you get a XC3A50 FPGA, while at $35, you get a XC3A200. This puts the board … Continue reading

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CANtact – hackable CAN interface

The CANtact, by Eric Evenchick, is an open source car tool. It lets you connect to your car and interact with it over OBD II. The hardware and software are open and available from the project’s github. For those who wants … Continue reading

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