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ESD Safety

Or, you can read up on Wikipedia.

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LEGO runs Linux

Oldest CES news of the year, but I’m just very happy to hear that the next generation of Lego MindStorm will run Linux!

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Capacative Touch

Adafruit is a great resource for may electronic projects. One of my favorite parts is their focus on wearable electronics. Gizmos with LEDs and speakers have been around for a while. You can even get them from Thinkgeek. However, capacitive … Continue reading

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NES in an FPGA

FPGAs are a fascinating piece of technology. Gaming can also fascinate. Merging the two in a retro recreation of a the classical NES means that I have to write about it. Ludde (from Gothenburg, just as myself) built a NES … Continue reading

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Flattr Experiment Ended

Over the last year, or there about, we’ve had Flattr links at the bottom of all posts on Digital Fanatics. The total yield of these is EUR0.52, or which one payment came from Thingiverse and the other from my account … Continue reading

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ZX81 using AVR

Jörg Wolfram has re-created the ZX81 system using an ATMega AVR MCU. The system uses a PS2 keyboard, NTCS (or VGA/LCD) for graphics and an SD-card instead of a tape. Looks like a great recreation of the past. The curious … Continue reading

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Business Scanner using a Pie

We have a large scanner / copier / printer at the office. Large and rather expensive, it carries out some basic tasks. One of my favorite features of this oversized beast is that it can scan documents and sending them … Continue reading

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All the Way to the Metal

Ken Shirriff has been working hard lately. In two great reads, he presented details from the classic CPUs 6502 and 8085. Basically, what he does is that he picks apart the overflow flag of the 6502 and the ALU of … Continue reading

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