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NodeIT – stackable IoT

The NodeIT by Sweet Pea’s is an extendable, minimal IoT thing being launched on kickstarter right now. The project has already been funded, but is still open to additional backers. Based on the ESP8266, the core module, called ESP210, provides an … Continue reading

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Understanding ARM

As a follow up on Raymond Chen’s in-depth look at Intel’s Itanium, he has posted a set of links to an introduction to ARM. Also an interesting read. Part 1 – Processor features Part 2 – How Windows uses the … Continue reading

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Understanding Intel’s Itanium

Raymond Chen has written a multi part series on the Intel Itanium processor architecture. It really helps you understand the CPU architecture from a software development and performance optimization perspective. To quote Raymond: The Itanium may not have been much … Continue reading

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