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A Raw OS for the Pi

Cambridge University hosts a course called baking Pi. Yes, it is not a spelling mistake, it is about our beloved Raspberry Pi. The course teaches about operating system fundamentals by implementing a basic OS on the bare metal of the … Continue reading

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The Folding Arduino Lab

Have you ever wanted to travel with your Arduino, a breadboard or perhaps a couple of shields? Of course, you’d also want to bring a set of components, just to be able to tinker with it. Now you can! Thanks to … Continue reading

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Arduino Updated

The Arduino platform has been under pressure for a while now. The project that enabled embedded computing power for all makers out there has been falling behind on the CPU side. Still, it has maintained its position as one of … Continue reading

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4bit Transistor Computer

The nice people over at Waiting for Friday has written a nice story on how to build a simple 4-Bit_Computer. Calling it a computer might be a bit over the top, it is actually a small adder circuit. The nice … Continue reading

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Over at you will find a broad selection of circuit schematics. Examples range for various amplifier circuits, power supplies, game circuits (remember the steady-hand-game) and more. Well worth a visit!

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What does that Pin Do?

The Arduino Shield List is a nice little collection of pin-outs for various Arduino shields. They’ve collected 280+ shields at the time of writing. For each shield, you will find a short summary alongside an illustration highlighting the used pins. … Continue reading

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