Impressive 6502 Home Computer

Dirk Grappendorf has been working on a serious looking MOS 6502 based computer. Over at his site, you can follow his development diary.


The computer was developed between September 2014 and January 2015. Quite impressive, given the outcome! The entire design is available from Dirk’s git repository over at github.

Starting with the exterior, the machine lives in a 3D printed case (love the orange!). The keyboard has been salvaged, but the original circuitry has been replaced. This is a computer resembling the C64 and similar, but with Windows keys :-)


Looking into the hardware, the machine even contains a proper SID chip for that classic chip tune sound.

The finish of the hardware and case are impressive. So is the software. It includes everything expected from a mid-80’s home computer, including a BASIC interpreter. It is also possible to develop using C or assembler.

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