One month later

This site started as a place for me and a couple of friends from university to put our crazy ideas after graduation. Lately, it has largely been based on The Independent Qt Tutorial which still draws 1000+ hits every day. It is hard to beat that traffic in a month. TIQT was conceived from late 2002 to mid 2006. After that, it turned into a book – the Foundations of Qt Development. For the interested reader, yes I’ve got a full-time job working with Qt and Linux right now.

My background is electrical engineering, but over the years I’ve realized that I will probably spend my professional work-life as a software guy. Still, I’m intrigued by older computers, and the revolution of todays MCUs. A PIC or an AVR is today’s C64. It is just that no-one in the mainstream uses them for games anymore (did the mainstream play computer games in the 80’s – I’m not sure – I did). Having an urge to delve into these – properly embedded – systems, and have a look at software, tools and applications, I decided to try to recreate Digital Fanatics into something new.

Now, a month has passed since the initial launch. The only promotion done, is that I generally tweet about entries, and occasionally mention them on Google+. Apart from that, nothing. In the light of this, I’m happy to tell you that we’ve had one day with 100+ hits and average around 50 unique visitors daily. These great results!

As you might have noticed (if you enjoy finding patterns in noise) there is a publishing schedule. Every Monday and most Fridays, a small article is published. This is usually about a circuit, article or project – something to inspire and something that is fun to learn about. Every Wednesday, an in-depth article is published. This is original contents for Digital Fanatics. The topics will vary, until now it has been a four parts piece on FreeRTOS. Next up is a look at 3D printing – something that I’m intrigued by. I hope that you will become just as enthusiastic about it as I am. Each in-depth series is rounded of by a summary entry. These can be found using the series category.

The goal is to build a collection of nice in-depth article series that can help you explore and get started with various projects. At the same time, I hope to brighten your day and inspire you to learn and explore through the smaller articles.

Yours sincerely,

Johan Thelin
Editor, Digital Fanatics

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