Summarizing FreeRTOS

Over the last weeks, we have been looking at the FreeRTOS project. We will surely revisit it in later articles, but until then, lets summarize.

  • Introduction – what is a real-time operating system, and what is FreeRTOS all about.
  • Tasks – how to work with tasks. How to structure your application, control tasks and make tasks cooperate to process data.
  • Targets – FreeRTOS supports a wide variety of targets. Here, we look at the supported platforms, as well as how to adapt FreeRTOS to a platform of your choice.
  • Networking – TCP/IP networking from FreeRTOS. We look at an example of a lwIP-based webserver example.

This summary page will serve, not only as a summary of the Digital Fanatic resources, but all FreeRTOS related material is welcome. If you know of other articles and resources regarding FreeRTOS, feel free to comment and I will add them. If there are topics that you feel lack an article, again, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Until then, some helpful external links:

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