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Free USB IDs with BeRTOS SDK

The BeRTOS project, an open source real-time kernel and support library for embedded systems, comes with a commercial SDK. The SDK simplifies the development and provides a development environment with tools for debugging and flashing, as well as including priority … Continue reading

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Xilinx Zynq-7000

In this article, we welcome our first guest writer. Tryggve Mathiesen, CTO at InformAsic writes about the challenges in the market and how Xilinx Zynq-7000 fits into the future of high-performance electronics. Embedded Designers are asking for more More than … Continue reading

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Large Scale PCB Manufacturing

Base2 takes us on an illustrated tour around the Advanced Circuits plant. It is a bit different than playing with chemicals in the kitchen. The most obvious difference is that it is substantially larger.

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Classic BASIC Computer

Geoff Graham has constructed a small, PIC32-based, computer with a classic interface. Remember the time when a computer booted right into a basic prompt? The Maximite will take you back in time! The system is not only capable of executing … Continue reading

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One month later

This site started as a place for me and a couple of friends from university to put our crazy ideas after graduation. Lately, it has largely been based on The Independent Qt Tutorial which still draws 1000+ hits every day. … Continue reading

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