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Homebrew 8-bit Computer

In this YouTube clip, the DUO ADEPT is presented. It is a homebrew 8-bit computer created from around 100 chips. A whole bunch of breadboards and a small fortune in wire also went into the build. The whole project is … Continue reading

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FreeRTOS is a free, as in liberty, real-time operating system for embedded systems. This means that you can have tasks, mutexes and timers for your PIC32/24, AVR32 or Cortex M3. In fact, there is official support for 27 architectures, and … Continue reading

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Most of our readers are familiar with either Microchip’s PIC processors or Atmel’s AVR’s. Lady Ada knows both and has narrated the epic battle PIC vs AVR. Features such as packaging, price, development tools and languages, boards and communities come … Continue reading

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