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Impressive 6502 Home Computer

Dirk Grappendorf has been working on a serious looking MOS 6502 based computer. Over at his site, you can follow his development diary. The computer was developed between September 2014 and January 2015. Quite impressive, given the outcome! The entire … Continue reading

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The Voyager Computer

I like both spacecrafts and old computers. Here is a quote about the Voyager computers from the 1970’s. It is worth to think about what you can do with very little. I suppose the peripherals where more analog and less … Continue reading

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Machine Code for Beginners

The great Introduction to Machine Code for Beginners by Lisa Watts and Mike Wharton from 1983 is available online. This book is a simple, step-by-step guide to learning to program in machine code. Machine code is the code in which … Continue reading

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Earlier we wrote of an OS for FPGAs. Today, we turn our attention for a real-time operating system for TI microcontrollers: TI-RTOS. The good part: it is a complete RTOS with support for USB, TCP/IP and FAT filesystems. The less … Continue reading

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Arduino IDE for Advanced Users

Having used the Arduino IDE for a while, it is easy to find oneself limited. I can sympathize with the purpose of the tool – simplicity makes it easier to learn. For those of us who still enjoy the ease … Continue reading

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To the Point C++ FAQ

Over at parashift, Marshall Cline maintains an impressive, and to-the-point C++ FAQ. It contains everything from newbie questions to detailed discussions about C++ and OO in general.

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Machine Code History

PageTable covers computing at the deepest possible level, without turning to physics. The site covers topics such as quirks of the first ever CPU, the Intel 4004, copying disks on the C64 – quickly, using branch delay slots, and much, much … Continue reading

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AVR Assembler

Programming in assembler is one of the key skills that I believe all engineers should acquire. It is not very important which architecture, only that one understands the basic language spoken by computers (machine code and assembler usually have a … Continue reading

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Data Alignment

When working in C, you will sooner or later use structs. This is a very handy construction, but it has hidden pitfalls. One of them shows up when the sizeof your structure changes. Why is that so? It all comes … Continue reading

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Free USB IDs with BeRTOS SDK

The BeRTOS project, an open source real-time kernel and support library for embedded systems, comes with a commercial SDK. The SDK simplifies the development and provides a development environment with tools for debugging and flashing, as well as including priority … Continue reading

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