Rhombus-Tech is a CIC company working on various hardwares for running open source software. They are involved in a number of interesting projects, one of them being the KDE tablet. Their site makes an interesting read and they carry lots of information.

For instance, they make a computer module based on the Allwinner A10.

The Allwinner A10 CPU has been developed in, and is sold in, the People’s Republic of China. Its mass-volume price is around $7, yet it is a 400-pin highly feature-rich 1.2ghz ARM Cortex A8 with a MALI400 GPU. It has the distinction of having the highest bang-per-buck ratio of any SoC available at the time of writing, by quite a margin.

Based on this, they are also looking at a laptop project, a game console project and how to use the A10 in education.

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