800×600 Video Output for Small Systems

img_1186The Mesa-Video is a low cost, low power, small open source hardware/software solution for providing graphics from embedded projects. It is, basically, a graphics card with an UART interface.

The graphics card side of the solution can display text and 24-bit color graphics at up to 800×600 pixels. It is built around the FT813 GPU, and FPGA and an HDMI output. The GPU itself has an API resembling what you used to draw graphics using BASIC back in the eighties and early nineties. According to the Meta-Video creator, a part of that API will be made available over the serial line.

Right now, the project aims to go open source, but the sources are not available at this point in time. The sources will be released as soon as the practical arrangements for production have been sorted.

Having a graphics card available over UART opens the door to graphical interfaces for system built using basic CPUs such as ESP8266 or Arduinos.

Via dangerous prototypes.

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