miniSpartan3 – an affordable FPGA board

DSC_0798-1The miniSpartan3, from Scarab Hardware, is an affordable FPGA board. As the name indicates, it comes with an FPGA from the Spartan series.

At $25, you get a XC3A50 FPGA, while at $35, you get a XC3A200. This puts the board at the same price point as the ever so popular Raspberry Pi.

You also get a whole range of I/Os.

  • an HDMI port
  • 41 digital I/Os
  • a 4 channel ADC
  • 4Mbit SPI FLASH
  • an USB to serial converter
  • 3 LEDs
  • 2 DIP switches

You program the board through the onboard USB JTAG programmer.

It is possible to preorder the board now, and shipments will commence at May 15 2015.

If you want more power, at a slightly higher price point, Scarab Hardware also sells the miniSpartan6+.

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