Have a Raspberry Pi? Want to build a robot? Need to drive some engines? or thousands of LEDs? Then you will love the gertbot!

The gertbot is a HAT-board for the Raspberry Pi that adds four H-bridges, two open-drain N-MOSFETs that can handle some serious power. It is also possible to cascade up to four boards, giving you 16 H-bridges and 8 MOSFETs.


Built around a 64MHz Cortex M3 processor, it solves some of the short comings of a Linux based system – e.g. producing stable high-frequency PWMs in software. It also frees up the Raspberry Pi CPU to do other things such as running OpenCV to look around and make decisions.

The download page over at contains not only drivers and documentation but a couple of examples for various common robot configurations.

Via Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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