Raspberry Pi Compute Module

CM_and_pi-small-500x375This is exciting! The Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced that the Raspberry will be available in a new form factor – the SODIMM. The module will contain the BCM2835 SoC, 512MB of RAM and 4GB FLASH (eMMC). It will be available some time in June for about $30 in batches of a hundred units. For individual devices, the price will be slightly higher.

The target audience is producers of custom PCBs – which is great since there are a lot of hardware projects based on the Raspberry Pi – and at 200mA with video decoding and 3D graphics running, I bet there will be more.

In addition to all this, the foundation also announced the Compute Module IO Board. This is an open source breakout board providing access to HDMI, USB as well as large pin headers. It also provides a solution to power the board. The curious reader can have a peek at the schematics of the IO board, as well as the Compute Module.


For those of you who like to watch moving pictures, please enjoy the small preview below.

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