Fritzing Contest

Over at Fritzing you can win EUR 500 from your design.

Create a give away PCB for our  Fritzing-Kits and win 500 Euros cash ! It should be:

  • interesting
  • useful
  • uncomplicated
  • hyper-lightspeed Turn-Blink-Sound-Noise-Thing’a’Bob which we can ship with our kits.

You can use:

  • basic components like LEDs, button, battery clips, piezos, non- programmable ICs (e.G. NE-555)
  • PCB up to 8 cm2

To participate upload your project as Fritzing file into the Fritzing project gallery till the 11 of July (12 o’clock CET). It must be published under Creative Commons License – Share Alike and the tags should contaion the tag »PCBgoodie«.

Read more on on the Fritzing blog.

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