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Motor Driver Booster Pack

Do you have a need for speed? Or just a need to run a couple of motors? If you combine that need with a TI LaunchPad, the Motor Driver Booster Pack from Longhorn Engineer might be just for you. It … Continue reading

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Good old DOS

Remember the days spent moving drivers into himem. Not something you’d like to relive? If you want to, then FreeDOS is for you. It is DOS, developed as open source, but also adapted to the future. There is even the … Continue reading

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Outsource Your Projects

Boingboing leads us to the first path of the great series of Bunnie Huang (who runs a great blog, by the way). This is the start of a four part series on outsourcing manufacturing. More specifically, to outsource to China, but … Continue reading

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Custom game controllers for all

Do you dream of making the ultimate game controller. Then the Esplora board from Arduino is what you need. Basically it is a Leonardo board, but with a range of integrated sensors. Leonardo means onboard USB HID support, so you … Continue reading

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