Low-cost Devboard

Imagine running a course around Arduino. As soon as you start drawing a crowd, the hardware cost will be significant. Enter the Shrimp.

The Shrimp is an ultra-slim, low-cost Arduino clone. Bringing the price down to about £8, almost a third of an Arduino, this makes easy to use programmable logic even easier to reach.

Via hackaday.

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2 Responses to Low-cost Devboard

  1. Cefn Hoile says:

    Thanks for the pingback. Just thought I’d clarify on pricing. You should be able to put together a Shrimp for around £1.55 on stripboard , or on mini-breadboard £2.30. We use a CP2102 for USB->UART connectivity, for about £1.50. That’s assuming workshopping volumes, buying components for 50 or so.

    So without USB->UART the Shrimp can be one tenth of a typical £16 price, and with a USB->UART about one fifth.

  2. e8johan says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Great to get some details! Also, keep up the great work!

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