Stories of 2012

CC-BY year 2011 was an exciting year for Digital Fanatics, as it marked the birth of the site in a new format. The year 2012 will be even more exciting. We have multiple original series in the pipeline, and will soon start our coverage of one of the most widely spread hobbyist platforms of our time – the Arduino.

In 2011 we also grew from a single author to two, with a guest appearance of a third. We plan to continue this trend, so if you want to write about your project, or even become a regular contributor, feel free to contact e8johan -at- gmail.

As a reaction to our customer survey we are also looking into being able to offer discounts or group offers for hardware associated with the articles. This is being investigates right now, so I cannot tell you more at the moment.

All in all, it looks as if 2012 will be a great year and we at Digital Fanatics are happy to have you with us!

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