Forums and Sites

As a part in our efforts to be a good source of information, we would like to introduce our resources page. Here, we will gather a set of electronic sites that can be useful for you.

When browsing the resources, do not miss our GCC Error Message list – one of the few that comes complete with a set of solutions.

If you have a site that you feel would be a good addition, please contact e8johan -at- gmail. If you want to read the motivation behind the first list of sites, continue reading below.

In order to get started, we believe in starting small. This means having a few good sites, instead of all the top results from Google.

Providing a rich selection of articles, a forum, tools and projects EEWeb is a natural part of our listing. The site contains everything from interviews with the people in the electronics business to comics. Alongside the site’s content, a forum, as well as job listings are provided.

AVRFreaks is one of the key resources for all the AVR tinkerers out there. Hosting wiki, news and an impressive list of articles, this site is an inspiration as well as a source of information. The forum is lively and community helpful.

The EEVblog is a video blog for “electronic engineers, hobbyists, hackers and makers.” Hosted by David L. Jones, it is presented in a unique, positive style. The site contains a forum, a wiki, a list of projects and more. But the main focus is the video blog, which is good – both as information and entertainment.

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