eMAKER Huxley

The Huxley from eMAKER is an improved RepRap design sold as a kit. The company behind the kit, eMAKER, are based in the United Kingdom, and have already got orders for 300 machines after a spectacular launch on the indiegogo site.

The RepRap project has defined two machines in the latest generation – the Huxley and the Mendel. Huxley is the optimized printing platform, while Mendel is intended to be the base of more experimental development, as well as a great printer. The eMAKER Huxley is an improved Huxley design.

The printing envelope is 140x140x110mm, the build platform heated and the extruder head is split into a feeding and melting halves, thus reducing the mass needing to move around. All in all, the price/performance ratio offered made me order a kit. Expect further reports when the kit has arrived.

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