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Sketches Over the Net

The people over at WickedDevice has been working on a new bootloader for the Nanode. The code can download and FLASH the device with new software over TFTP. This opens the possibilities for remote updates – meaning that you can … Continue reading

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Power to the Breadboards

Blondihacks has designed a small power supply for breadboards – Juice Bridge. It provides regulated 5V, easy access to ground and the ability to measure the power used by the entire breadboard. All this on a single-sided PCB with a … Continue reading

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Classic BASIC Computer

Geoff Graham has constructed a small, PIC32-based, computer with a classic interface. Remember the time when a computer booted right into a basic prompt? The Maximite will take you back in time! The system is not only capable of executing … Continue reading

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Assembling a Nanode

The networking Arduino-inspired Nanode is delivered as a kit. Nicholas O’Leary has document the build process of his kit (#0349). Looks like a fun soldering project – and a good platform to hack on.

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DIY Lab Power Supply

The digital hobbyist usually relies on a few supply voltages. If 3.3, 5 and 12 Volts sounds good enough for you (perhaps the 1.7, 7 and 8.7 are needed too), the you can convert an old PC power supply to … Continue reading

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Homebrew 8-bit Computer

In this YouTube clip, the DUO ADEPT is presented. It is a homebrew 8-bit computer created from around 100 chips. A whole bunch of breadboards and a small fortune in wire also went into the build. The whole project is … Continue reading

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