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The Folding Arduino Lab

Have you ever wanted to travel with your Arduino, a breadboard or perhaps a couple of shields? Of course, you’d also want to bring a set of components, just to be able to tinker with it. Now you can! Thanks to … Continue reading

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Arduino Updated

The Arduino platform has been under pressure for a while now. The project that enabled embedded computing power for all makers out there has been falling behind on the CPU side. Still, it has maintained its position as one of … Continue reading

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What does that Pin Do?

The Arduino Shield List is a nice little collection of pin-outs for various Arduino shields. They’ve collected 280+ shields at the time of writing. For each shield, you will find a short summary alongside an illustration highlighting the used pins. … Continue reading

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Step-by-step: PCB-less Arduino

Over at the Arduino site, there is a page on building an Arduino clone on a breadboard. This trick can be further simplified by using the internal oscillator. You lose some speed, but also some complexity.

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Arduino Compatible Arm Cortex M4

Paul Stoffregen and PJRC has run a kickstarter campaign to fund the development of an Arduino-compatible device based on an Arm Cortex M4: The Teensy 3.0. The idea is to take the easy of programming an Arduino and the power … Continue reading

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Massimo from Arduino at TED

TED is a great series of conferences. The best speakers get to speak about their favorite subjects. All is recorded and provided on-line for free. At the last TEDGlobal event, Massimo Banzi, one of the architects of Arduino, spoke on … Continue reading

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Portable Electronics Lab

Built from an old laptop, sk7ca‘s portable electronics lab is quite impressive. It contains a generous breadboard area, an LCD display, a keypad, various inputs, outputs, sensors , gizmos and the now ubiquitous Arduino. What the video for a guided tour.

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When developing Arduino software, it is not always ideal having to rely on the cycle of life – code, compile, upload, test, alter, compile, upload, test, alter, comp… The Searduino project (Savannah page) provides an, albeit limited, simulation of an Arduino system. The … Continue reading

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Plotting Electronically

For just a few Euros, a basic plotting robot can be constructed. Based on two servos, an Arduino and a pen, it is hard to build a more simple construction than this. From the video, you can see that cheap … Continue reading

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Dance to the Beat

Tap to the beat of your favorite song on the switch, and the Arduino will learn and follow. As soon as the beats-per-minute has been calculated, a LED-array will start to animate to the beat. All this is implemented in … Continue reading

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